Our passion for track racing and Harley Davidson Sportsters might seem a little odd?
It's not, compared to any modern sport bike out there, that is more or less ready-to-race out of the crate, the Sportsters gives a custom shop like us a great opportunity to find areas of improvement of the bikes. Improvements that we can apply to the Sportsters on the street and our regular customers. 

We have had a longterm plan/project going for the last couple of years, building a Sportster powered trackday bike with our own chassie and design. The idea is to be able to offer all the Harley enthusiast who like us, like high speed, full throttle and a bike that performs and handles well an option. A "Trackday Weapon" that a "medium to fast group" rider should be able to ride under 2 minutes on the Jerez track (as a reference).

This is a long term project though and meanwhile we are building up 2 XR1200 Sportsters for the track, one of them is 95% finished and in use, the other one in process. 

More to come... ;)